Sharon McIlwain – Artist Statement

The inspirations for Sharon’s practice derives largely from her interest and observations of her local landscape and surrounds. Her landscape paintings are worked from observation, brief drawings, photography and memory. Partly they are an intuitive response that reflect her deep respect and admiration for her surrounding landscape.


Sharon’s works are not aiming for a realistic impression. She creates a liking or an interpretation of the landscape. Her work flows from intuitive processes that are created in the studio after collating her observations, drawings, photography and memories.


Formalist principles such as composition, line and developing a carefully considered palette play a central role in Sharon’s practice. Through these principles she aspires to invite the casual viewer to find a place to rest within the painting. A place where space can be created to rest the mind. A place of peace and openess to connect with the landscape, with ourselves and with others.


In my practice I aspire to be like nature but not to depict it. This allows an emergence of dialogue between myself and the painting.


Sharon grew up on the Northern Rivers of NSW and continues to live there with her family while studying and painting.